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Could you be our new Finance Project Lead? We are looking for you!

Have you ever wondered about the journey of your furniture, TV, or pair of sneakers before it entered your home? Well, being one of the world’s leading forces in shipping logistics, it probably has been on one of our ships, planes, trucks or through one of our warehouses at some point. We probably also shipped the raw materials into the production.

At Maersk, we are all about integrating the world and making a difference. And we think we can do better and integrate even more. We are therefore looking for a passionate, forward-thinking individuals to join our journey. If you are ready to make an impact and be part of something big, read on!

We Offer

By Joining Maersk, you will become part of the global family of the company that moves 20% of global trade everyday all the way, where one of our core values is Our Employees. It goes without saying that we value diversity: we thrive on the diversity of our talent in all its forms, and we see it as a strength in building high-performance teams across brands, cultures, and locations. 

We are seeking a motivated and experienced Project Lead to join our Managed by Maersk (MbM) Finance team. In this role, you will not only work with financial data and forecast but also lead financial projects critical to our team's performance. This is a highly project-based role where you will have a grea...